Welcome bonus for new players

Many casino clubs today provide members with bonuses without the need to create a deposit. What they are, what benefits they have, and how to get them will be considered in this material.

What are no deposit bonuses for registration

Welcome bonus Thailand is a “gift” for registration to new players from the casino. They are especially appreciated by newcomers, and as for the experienced players, they are not so important. The fact that experienced gamers are aware that in order to get large sums of winnings is not enough to take advantage of bonuses, you need to make a deposit and meet certain conditions. Wagering in each organization has its own conditions, and they need to be studied in a mandatory manner even before the start of the gameplay.

In simple terms, such accruals act as a kind of bait for traders. On the one hand, the player should be satisfied, because his gambling account receives the amount, and he does not spend anything for it. On the other hand, it is unprofitable for the institution to give money to participants for nothing, because it runs the risk of losing money. So there are some pitfalls.

It is immediately worth noting that bonuses to the account are often not credited for nothing, for their receipt requires compliance with certain rules and conditions, for example, obtaining points for a certain period of time in a limited amount. There may also be profit limits and the need to top up your account to withdraw your winnings.

What are the benefits of the welcome bonus?

Welcome bonus for new players imply a lot of positive moments, here is just a brief list of them:

  • The opportunity to play for free in a slot machine and test the game without financial losses;
  • Rational conditions for the use of funds in most gambling clubs;
  • study of strategies (you can, without financial losses analyze any scheme of earnings and make for yourself the appropriate conclusions, as well as assess this or that tactic);
  • the chance of acquiring a big win, such as the jackpot, because many accruals increase the likelihood of obtaining it.

As you can see, the online casino no deposit bonus benefits everyone – for participants and administration of the gambling club. It remains only to understand why we need such privileges. Many newcomers believe that the institution actually makes them a gift, although in fact, it simply lures them with the possibility of making a profit. Of course, you can win, but to withdraw the honestly earned money will have to acquire patience, because each institution offers its own conditions, and it is not easy to comply with them.

Minuses of bonuses

Despite the presence of numerous advantages, Welcome bonus have certain disadvantages:

  • The need to win back the money by following the principles of the veijer, which is often dozens of times higher than the value of the deposit;
  • a small amount, since virtual institutions can rarely afford large sums of money, most often it is $ 100;
  • Restrictions on the withdrawal of the money received, even if you get to win something big;
  • no guarantee of wagering and withdrawal of at least some part of the bonus accrual.

Welcome bonus Parimatch has its pros and cons, and before using it, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

What is this casino for?

By the way, no deposit bonuses are also good for the institution itself. First of all, it is an opportunity to attract the maximum number of customers through advantageous offers. Indeed, many players are more willing to “take the bait” on such a gift than on any other privileges. As a result, after testing this or that scheme, they do not go anywhere, but stay in the institution. There they replenish the balance, make bets, win or lose.

Another significant aspect is increasing customer loyalty. This scheme works well for a new site, which has to compete with other organizations, and seeks to win its own niche. Few players, especially if we are talking about an experienced client with money, will entrust their hard-earned funds to an unknown office. And when using no deposit bonuses, he will be able to read the terms and conditions and believe that everything works.

Who can get a no deposit bonus?

No deposit bonuses imply simpler conditions of receiving than the standard privileges. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the goal it is necessary to pass the registration procedure and in some cases – to verify the account, i.e. to confirm the passport data. If at the initial stage it is not required, then later it is still necessary to do it, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw the earned money.

What is the difference between a no-deposit bonus and a deposit bonus?

You do not have to make a deposit, i.e. it is given by the fact of registration, just like that. A deposit bonus is given for a deposit and is usually a percentage of it. Most often, the casino no deposit bonus is not represented by real money, but points (chips), that is, it is impossible to take and withdraw it, you can only play and get the winnings. With the withdrawal of this entire amount can also be difficult, as everything goes to the player to make a deposit.

Types of no deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses come in several varieties, all depending on the rules and purpose of their provision.

No deposit bonus for registration

This is a welcome accrual without a deposit, which is implemented in the form of money or free spins. It is enough to specify a short set of data about yourself, most often – phone or email address, password (make it up). Often for the withdrawal of winnings online you need to go through the verification procedure with the passport data – series and number, date of birth, place of registration, etc.

Holiday gifts

Most often, accruals without deposit are issued on birthdays, the New Year and other significant dates (for example, in festive events of the club itself). To get a prize, you need to make an appeal to technical support and specify a promo code. The accrual is accepted in the personal user’s cabinet. Some gifts imply wagering, although sometimes it is absent.

Bonus for getting VIP status

If the player receives a new level in the loyalty program, which exceeds the previous status, he also receives an accrual. It is determined by the specific conditions of a particular institution, but the higher the rank, the more generous the bonus.

For attracting a new player

Most often, the user receives a percentage of the player’s contribution, although sometimes the system allows you to get a reward without refilling the account members, in a fixed amount.

To summarize, no deposit bonus is a great chance to get acquainted with the new casino for you. In any case, it’s still a pleasant thing that can be regarded as a gift, albeit one that comes with certain restrictions.


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