How to play to win in slot games

How to play to win in slot games

Do you want to play in a smart way?

Always be familiar with the principle of slot games Thailand. First, how the bonus program opens, what are the scatters, the wilds and what they give. The better you understand what is happening on the screen, the more profitable for you. For example, you have a new slot in front of you, playing for the first time.

The average player immediately begin to spin on your favorite bet, figuring it out as they go. You first read the rules and see there are several types of bonuses. Let’s say one of them might be more profitable than another. And if the first player catches the less profitable bonus and says the slot is bad, you’ll be smarter and wait for a really good chance to increase your bankroll.

The second thing that is extremely important: Read the rules of the game itself. They open by clicking on the question mark. There is a detailed description of each nuance. For example, scatters can fall as a bonus, and in the main game. And there it is specified. There are also explained all the bonus opportunities, and most importantly – indicates the theoretical player’s income (RTP). Only in the rules you can trust 100% of the value of return, because it is the manufacturer’s data. On many sites they are inaccurate.

The average rate

So, you have a bankroll and good slots with high variance. How much to bet? And bet often need to be a minimum. In modern slots there is no binding to the maxbet, ie when playing at any rate machine behaves the same. But! It is important to play on all lines. Only in this way you can guarantee the inclusion of all scatters and bonuses. There are exceptions, but looking for them in practice is not the best solution. Yes, it does not interfere at all. You can always reduce the number of coins per line, not the number of lines.

In general, it is better to take the minimum bet. If you enjoy playing for $0.25, play at this rate, do not go higher. The high variance will allow you to win a real lot even with a small bet, so there won’t be a problem with this. Increasing the average spin will require a serious increase in your bankroll.


With a bankroll of 1,000 coins, the size of the bet affects the number of spins. The smaller the bet, the more spins will commit.

Before each gaming session roughly estimate their costs:

  • How much do I need to have in my account, for example, for an hour of uninterrupted play?
  • How much can I afford to lose?
  • How often will the slot gobble up, and for how long?
  • How often does the bonus fall out?

These and other questions should be running through your head before you enter an online casino. Calculating the exact expenditure (and even more so, the winnings) in an hour or two of play is virtually impossible. Because anything can happen during those few hundred spins. And especially if the slot has high variance. But, based on your past experience, you should already have a rough idea of what’s what.

Stop Loss

A stop-loss is the amount of spending at which you must stop playing. This value will be different for everyone. A good rule of thumb is: risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in one playing session. Better yet, no more than 5%. Better yet, no more than 1%. The more conservative, the better. And the longer you can play.

For example, you have $2,000 in your bankroll. For each playing session you take $200 with you and play for $0.5, that is, you have at least 400 bets. This is usually enough to withstand all the variance, but once you decide to roll in a really good, but “chewing” slot. And here you are “minus” for $100, then $150, and then $200. That’s it! It’s time to end the session!

As soon as you reach your stop loss, stop immediately. You’ll save a lot of money that way.

The size of your bankroll affects the number of bets you should make. Remember, losing 1/10th of the total amount will not affect the effect of the game or your financial stability.

No “a couple more spins”, “spin to a round number”, “about to give”, “should fill up”, etc. The slot does not owe anyone anything! That’s it, we’re done with this slot. You can play another or start over the next day. You can also set yourself a losing bar per day, not per session. The rules are the same here. Raised $100 out of $1,000? That’s it for today.

The Risk Game

Forget about this feature. Never use it if you want to save your bankroll. More precisely, you can use it only if you win small amounts of money – $5 or $10. That is, it has no effect on your bankroll at all.

The main problem is that in most cases, such bonus rounds are designed to increase the casino’s advantage. Chances are, you have less than 50% to win. If the machine can “give” well, you don’t need to risk even more. You are already taking a risk.


The stopwine is the antipode of the stop loss. You can think of any other name – for example, stop-profit or something else. This feature is available in any modern slot when playing in auto mode. You can specify a precise value – for example $100 – which, if won, will automatically stop the game. Why do this? Because slots can’t keep crushing all the time. Wins will be interspersed with losses. And the latter will always be more. So you need to set yourself a threshold, after which the game stops.

Suppose your bankroll is $3,000, you play for $1, taking $300 with you. What should be won in slot games Thailand, so that you can call it a day? As a rule, anything above 20-30% of the amount is already good. In our case it is $ 60-90. In other words: if you have increased your active account by 20-30%, you can call it a day. Yes, it may seem insignificant, but think about similar winnings over a long distance – a month, a year. Little by little it all adds up to a decent income. But a lot depends on the opinion of the player himself. Mathematically speaking, 20-30% is good enough, but a player may disagree with that. This is subjective. Someone will set himself a goal of 50% or 100%.

But it is important to understand that the bigger the desired profit, the harder it is to achieve and the higher the chance of “sinking” the entire account.


To play slots successfully, you should also understand the role of the random number generator. The most important thing: each spin is independent of the previous one. This means that all these theories about “hot slots”, that after a big win the machine does not “give” and so on – such theories are at least doubtful. And at most they are fundamentally wrong (and this is most likely). The machine itself doesn’t know whether you’ve won or not in the previous slot, it only receives a set of numbers from the GCS and visualizes the information on the screen.

So forget about all sorts of patterns. We can only put up with the conditions imposed on us and try to minimize the costs.

In search of information on the “giving” slot machines, you can get “hooked” and stay with nothing. After all, many cheaters just looking for gullible players, who are told “tales” about the slots you can win. No one knows when and how much will give out the slot. But you should take into account a number of parameters:

  • The popularity of the online casino.
  • The demand for the slot among players.
  • Date of release.
  • And all the above parameters.

The developer does not matter. But choose only licensed providers.


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